Medical Device Mistakes: ABC’s Latest Discovery

The arrival of Medical Law specialist Kate Williams as a consultant lawyer at Don Cameron & Associates has coincided with the release of an investigative piece by the ABC today about medical devices and their use worldwide. On the findings and her own experiences, Kate had this to say:

The scale and nature of adverse medical outcomes that Australians have suffered who have received medical devices to “treat” medical and surgical conditions has been exposed by the ABC.

Medical device manufacturers have manipulated data and clinical trial results for over 30 years. Misleading information has been provided to the health profession and in turn patients have been advised falsely as to the efficacy and safety of the products.

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Top Lawyers Join Forces to Offer New Medical Law Services

Two senior lawyers previously with Slater & Gordon have joined forces to offer a leading medical law advice and disputes team.

Don Cameron, previously the Practice Group Leader for Slater’s Albury and Wagga Offices and one of their most experienced NSW personal injury litigators, has teamed up with Kate Williams who until recently was the Practice Group Leader of Slater & Gordon’s specialist Medical Negligence Division in Sydney to offer a new service for those who suffer from adverse medical outcomes.

We are looking to provide a comprehensive and expert service delivered in a timely and cost effective fashion. We will provide an honest assessment of our client’s prospects for a successful claim. If we advise that good prospects exist, then we will back that advice with a no win no fee legal cost agreement. Kate joining our team also coincides with some new fixed office space in Sydney and further expands on our ability to assist clients wherever they may be” Don explained.

Kate will work with Don Cameron & Associates as a Consultant Lawyer in Medical Law and will be based from Sydney, where she also retains her own professional consulting practice.

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The Royal Commission Saga Continued: Fees for the Dead

In the opening volley of the Royal Commission, AMP was at the front of the pack when it came to dodgy dealings and misbehavior – but even after all that time in the spotlight at the start, AMP keeps making headlines.

There are only a few certain things in life – death, taxes and now apparently, AMP fees. After all the over-charging and fee for no-service scandals, news outlets reported that around 3000 people have been charged for life insurance premiums after they died.

The most likely knock-on effect of this is almost certainly one of the following:

  1. A person was sold life insurance and premiums were automatically deducted on their account after they died. In this case, the estate would at least be entitled to recover the premiums.
  2. A person was sold life insurance and premiums were deducted before they died, and the beneficiary could claim on the insurance policy.

If you or someone you know need assistance recovering overcharged fees, insurance premiums or insurance you were told you couldn’t claim on, call us today.

What Happened to “Utmost Good Faith”?

The daily parade of banking and insurance company executives through the witness box at the Banking Royal Commission has certainly provided grist for the media mill. The revelations that these companies engaged in conduct that would be reprehensible by standards adopted by decent people will make interesting reading when collated into Mr Justice Hayne’s Final […]

260 Weeks: Poor Timing on Harsh Changes

In October 2012, amendments to the Workers Compensation Act 1987 were introduced by the government including regulations surrounding workers ongoing entitlements to weekly payments.
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Free legal clinics commence September

Don Cameron and his colleagues at Adams Leyland Chambers have announced that they will be holding regular free legal advice clinics commencing September 2018.

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