Injured Workers Get New Rights From 1 January 2019

Recent changes to the Workers Compensation laws in NSW are breathing some new life into workers rights and benefits starting from the 1st January 2019. The amendments allow all workers to access free legal assistance to challenge decisions made by Insurer’s about their capacity for work (called a Work Capacity Decision) or under-payments and miscalculations of their wages (often called PIAWE disputes).

The good news for all injured workers in NSW is that the changes will apply to people who have been affected by Work Capacity Decisions and PIAWE disputes. The only condition is that if your decision was made before the 1st of January, you will need to wait until 1 July 2019 to lodge your dispute with the assistance of a lawyer.

Whoever it is, if your Insurance company has made a decision about your work capacity or wage payments, you should contact your lawyer of choice straight away to check if the decision is correct and challenge it if its wrong.