Rights & Entitlements for Terminated Employees

If you’ve been terminated from your employment, its important to know your rights and entitlements.


If you’re losing your job, it’s a requirement that you be given notice of your termination. There is no particular form in which notice of termination must be given however its recommended that it be provided directly to you and in writing.  In addition to this you must be given ‘reasonable notice’ as to when your employment will end. This length of time may be stipulated in your contract or prescribed by legislation or an award.

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I’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident… Do I need a Lawyer?

The simple answer is YES!

But first lets backtrack a little and catch up with some of the recent changes in the law regarding personal injuries as a result of motor vehicle accident in NSW.

From 1 December 2017 a new scheme commenced as a result of reform to the Motor Accident Compensation Act (1999). The principle change was that some benefits were available to all people injured in a motor vehicle accident regardless of fault (for a limited period).

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Trial by (Social) Media

There is no doubt that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) have revolutionised how we obtain our information, but a new recent Australian Court decisions serve as a timely reminder that electronic media is not immune from the usual laws relating to Defamation. Read more »

Free legal clinics commence September

Don Cameron and his colleagues at Adams Leyland Chambers have announced that they will be holding regular free legal advice clinics commencing September 2018.

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