Where there’s a Will, there’s no way…

Often we are able to prompt our clients to make a Will at some stage of their matter which often remains in place long after their case is over. Sometimes, it is the only Will ever made despite their circumstances changing.

Not only should everybody make a will, we should also ensure that if our wishes change, we update it. Too many people think that once they have a will, they don’t need to think about it again, but it is quite the opposite. If you get married or divorced, this will change the validity of a will but what if you have only separated from your spouse? Or what if you made a will whilst in a de facto relationship leaving everything to your partner but that relationship has long ceased.

It is important to note that a Will does not lapse with time nor is it automatically repealed when there is a change of circumstance. You must ensure that you update your Will if you decide that your existing Will no longer fulfills your wishes. Failing to do so may result in somebody that you did not want to benefit from your estate receiving some or all of the assets and belongings that you have left behind.