A Lawyer to talk to and trust: What I’ve seen from a country law firm

It is a never-ending source of amazement to me as to why country people and those in regional towns and cities engage big city, big advertising law firms to represent them when they have an accident or some other legal problem.

Is it the perception that a firm that advertises on television or has a multi-million dollar sponsorship of some sporting spectacular will somehow do a better job with their claim. Sometimes it is just that the advertisement appears at the same time as the need and client, unaware of the intricacies of the legal practice is captured by the glossy advertisement thinking that all lawyers must be equally able to fulfill their needs.

Well guess what: not all lawyers are the same and they don’t all possess the same skills, experience or competence. Some are legally very competent but lack personal and communication skills. Others are great at beating their own drum but somewhat less skilled or competent  at actually doing the legal work.

If I had a serious medical problem, I really doubt I’d be calling someone who had a flash TV advertisement or had Dr Concussion splashed across some footballer’s jumper.  I’d be seeking advice from trusted advisors, my GP or my contacts in the medical profession.

I often have questions and enquiries from people with legal problems who have engaged a big city firm only to feel that they didn’t get spectacular service. Most often those feelings are justified. Their matter was directed to an overworked and under-resourced junior lawyer with a fee budget inversely proportional to their experience. Personal contact with their lawyer was minimal and the opportunity to get their story across limited. This leads to frustration at best and a disastrous outcome at worst. I always try to help these clients but sometimes the problems caused by these issues can’t be reversed.

This brings me back to my initial amazement. Why would you instruct a faraway lawyer of unknown experience and expertise when you could a lot easier came and sit down for a chat to discuss your legal issues  without obligation with a respected senior practitioner with specialist accreditation, skilled and caring staff and importantly a local who will still be here long after your case is finished and will probably bump into you in the street.

There is nothing special about the city firms that advertise constantly on TV, radio and on the net. Most experienced litigation lawyers offer no win no fee services, like we do. What we do offer that is different to those firms is personalised service with a lawyer acknowledged expertise and experience supervising caring and well-trained staff. Not only do we strive to get you the best possible result, but we also want to make the process as comfortable and understandable as possible.

We are accessible, and you can talk to us. We are competent and trustworthy.  Finally, we guarantee we will leave no stone unturned in our effort to courageously represent your interests.

So before you call that TV lawyer come in for a no obligation chat.

You have nothing to lose.

Don Cameron